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Sometimes someone tells you a story, a story so good, crazy or weird that it’s hard to believe this actually happened. We have created Elk using stories like this, most of them are told by Lauge, the brother of Astrid who is the producer on Elk. Lauge has lived in a trailer park in California, spent a winter Greenland and almost smuggled diamonds in India, today he lives on a boat in Copenhagen.

Story and setting

You follow Frigg a young carpenter, who is restlessly floating through life. She embarks on a trip to try and find a way to settle her adventurous soul. Her journey takes her to Elk, a misplaced island in the Atlantic ocean, a haven to the weird and wonderful people the world has either ignored or forgotten.

Elk is no normal island, amongst it’s strange townsfolk it harbours dark, humorous tales and unbelievable feats of cunning and mischief. Danger lurks around the cold mountain top, hanging over the town and the shores below. Frigg will find herself at the centre, tangled in the messy web of Elk’s residents, joining them in their love, loss and laughter.


  • A narrative game based on real stories about real people
  • Mini games that are deeply connected to the story
  • An endearing and lovable cast of characters to explore
  • Humorous and beautiful hand drawn artstyle

The team

We are Triple Topping! Our first game Spitkiss was released November 2018. We are also working on Ynglet together with Nicklas Nygren.

Long before Simon and Astrid founded Triple Topping they worked on Elk together for Astrid’s BA project. When Murray joined Triple Topping his humoristic art style and good sense for storytelling was added to the game. Triple Topping got development support from the Danish Game scheme to create the first prototypes and are now working on the game fulltime.



Elk Credits

Simon Stålhandske
Game designer

Astrid Refstrup

Murray Somerville
Art director