A game based on true stories

A game based on real stories mixed with a lot of creative freedom and humor.

You follow Frigg a young carpenter, who is restlessly floating through life. She embarks on a trip to try and find a way to settle her adventurous soul. Her journey takes her to Elk, a misplaced island in the Atlantic ocean, a heaven to the weird and wonderful people the world has either ignored or forgotten.

Elk is no normal island, amongst it’s strange townsfolk it harbours dark, humorous tales and unbelievable feats of cunning and mischief. Danger lurks around the cold mountain top, hanging over the town and the shores below. Frigg will find herself at the centre, tangled in the messy web of Elk’s residents, joining them in their love, loss and laughter.

Release 2020

Lauge & Astrid, Canada, 2006

The real stories

Sometimes someone tells you a story, a story so good, crazy or weird that it’s hard to believe this actually happened. We have created Elk using stories like this, most of them are told by Lauge, the brother of Astrid who is the producer on Elk. Lauge has lived in a trailer park in California, spent a winter in Greenland and almost smuggled diamonds in India, today he lives on a boat in Copenhagen. If you follow the real stories here, or in our newsletter you will be able to find them in the game, sometimes very true to the original one, sometimes more hidden.

We have changed names and places in the real stories, most of them are write-ups from transcripts of Lauge telling the story to the team behind Elk (often including beers). We will post a new story each month here on the page and in our newsletter.

When Anders died

Anders lived up in the woods in the trailer that his parents had left his sister Annie and him. Each day he would walk through the woods to the Hermit bar when they opened around 12 noon. He would stay until the bar closed and before going back home he would buy himself some more beers for the walk. Sometimes if he felt the night was still young when the bar closed, he would walk to Jans trailer, no matter how late at night it was and he would call Jan; “Jan, Jan, come out and have a beer with me”. Often this would only wake up Jan’s wife Ingrid, but she would then wake up Jan “Jan, Anders is here, go have a beer with him”. Jan would then step out of bed, and bring his own beers outside the trailer; Anders only drank Budweiser and Jan would prefer Tuborg. They would drink a few beers and look at the night, until Jan would be too tired and go back to bed. Jan never minded getting up in the middle of the night to drink beers with Anders, guests were always welcome. One day when Anders was walking home from Jan’s, being a bit more drunk than usual, he passed out next to the road. This had happened before; normally he would wake up when either the sun made the sleep too warm, or when the alcohol would leave [...]

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