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When a muskox walks on your head

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This is a story about my friends, back when I was living in Greenland. Musen, Carsten Sur and a girlfriend to one of them (I can’t remember who’s girlfriend she was, but she was the nurse from the seaside town where we lived) went on a fishing trip, traveling away from the ocean and instead towards [...]

June 2019

Lauge and the diamond smuggelers

By |2019-10-10T08:56:41+01:00June 27th, 2019|Uncategorized|

I was around 20 years old when Rosa (a good friend of mine) and I had rather spontaneously decided to go to India. It turned out to be a backpacking trip made of nightmares. Rosa lost her passport (or didn’t have one), we missed a plane in Istanbul and I ate something which gave [...]

May 2019

Beth’s obituary

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We already told you about how Anders died three times, (if you have not read it - you can find it here  this is the story about how Anders’ sister Beth “died” too. When Beth was not working she would hang with the rest of the people at the Hermit bar. The Hermit bar was [...]

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Out of beer out of here

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Bobbie and Sue lived up the road. They were very much in love and could go hours without speaking, enjoying the quiet company of one another. The couple would spend most of their days walking to get beer. They would drink so much beer that they didn’t really ever need to eat food. If they felt hungry, they [...]

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