It was before George went to prison when Sue and him were still young. They were each other’s best friends and siblings too.

The two of them would spend most days hanging together at the Hermit bar. They did not have much else to do other than drink and play cards with the rest of the people there.

Sue and George looked tough and would sometimes get themselves into trouble, not because they wanted to, but cause getting by in life meant sometimes doing things that would result in local police attention. In general, they were good people, helpful to their friends, George was a bit of a romantic too! If they were ever fighting it would only be with each other, when really drunk and mostly because of playing darts. In those situations, their friends would stay away and leave them too it, because both were strong and fearless when fighting and no one wanted to get caught in the crossfire.

One day, a group of bikers arrived to the Hermit bar. The bikers made a lot of noise when parking, you could hear they were drunk and people at the bar instantly got the feeling that the bikers weren’t there to make new friends.

The mood at the bar immediately shifted when the bikers entered: everyone tried to make themselves look invisible, no one in doubt that the bikers were there looking for a good fight. And no one at the Hermit bar thought fighting the bikers would be particularly fun.

Sue and George did not take much notice of the bikers, they continued their card game, which clearly provoked the bikers.

One of the bikers tipped over one of the guests’ beer, so it smashed against the wooden floor with a loud crash and a splash. Sue and George stood up from their table and all the bikers started walking towards them, of course with the boss in front.

The guests at the bar started to liven up a bit, excited to see what Sue and George would now do.

The Biker boss picked up a bottle and weaved it from hand to hand inviting Sue and George to take the next step. “Be careful” George said, “I think he might well hit you with that bottle Sue.” Sue quickly also grabbed a bottle from the bar, looked at George and said “I wonder if that would hurt?” And then, without blinking, Sue smashed the bottle against her own head, shattering it, whiskey running down her face, smiling “Nope, didn’t feel a thing.”

The biker boss silently put his bottle back on the table and one by one, the bikers all sheepishly left the Hermit bar.